About Dip'n Strip


Dip'n Strip is a company with over 40 years of experience serving our clients, both in the industrial and residential area, we are dedicated to stripping and refinishing wood and metal parts.
We guarantee the best care of your pieces and offer our highest quality finishes.
During these years we have gained experience and modern techniques to offer our customers the most professional results.
We are a company with no competition in the San Gabriel Valley and surrounding areas.
Our company restores museum pieces, old pieces of wood and metal, and all kinds of furniture, counters, and marble as well as match the color of your furniture.
We have huge industrial tanks that allow us to work with pieces of 12' x 12', these give us the ability to strip parts such as doors, gates, windows, balconies, moldings, etc.
We are in the ability to provide our services within or outside our facility.
In addition, we have a large paint booth where we give more professional finish to our work.